Nebula Portugal

The new vaping experience has arrived in Portugal with Smart Vape, Lda.

The History of NEBULA

The NEBULA universe arrived in Portugal, in 2022, with compact and disposable vapes of various striking flavours to meet the most demanding and sophisticated tastes. With superior quality, our vapes promise to offer the best vaping experience in Portugal.

Discover a new universe with Nebula!

NEBULA is a brand of vaporizers whose philosophy is softness and vibrancy in every moment of use. The basis of our products is based on the energy and life that all the flavours offer, which will make your vaping experience extremely pleasant.

Product Category




The atmosphere is what surrounds every celestial body in space. It is where time does not exist, freedom is infinite, and gravity becomes weaker. In the atmosphere, you are free.

Atmosphere NEBULA is free of nicotine. It is our Zero% Nicotine source.




Meteor, popularly called shooting star, designates the luminous phenomenon observed when a meteoroid passes through the earth’s atmosphere.

Meteor NEBULA contains 2% Nicotine and promises an experience of another world.